So….for the past month or so, I’ve been dealing with this love/hate relationship I have with my pump…..I love that it allows me to provide breastmilk for Amelia while she’s at the daycare, but I hate having to lug it around…..I’m not ready to give up nursing, just tired of the fact of the pump.

As if I needed further proof that the time for me to hang up the horns is drawing near……today I was apparently so anti-pump minded…..that I didn’t pack my bottles. Or any other receptacle in which to collect milk.


If it were Friday, I would just tough it out till I get home….but no, it’s Monday. I really could go home and get one…..or even to the daycare to steal Amelia’s juice bottle – what?! They could pit it in a sippy cup! But, if iexpect to get anything done today, completely throwing off my roll would not be a good idea. Remember, it’s Monday.

Now, I work in a lab with a myriad of bottles and bio-receptacles…..but, I don’t trust them as much as I trust the Ball jar in which I brought my yogurt to work. Yup…..rinsed it out good, ran some boiling water around it and called it a milk jar!


Anyone else have any improvised pumping stories?


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