05.21.2012, 16:34
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So….for the past month or so, I’ve been dealing with this love/hate relationship I have with my pump…..I love that it allows me to provide breastmilk for Amelia while she’s at the daycare, but I hate having to lug it around…..I’m not ready to give up nursing, just tired of the fact of the pump.

As if I needed further proof that the time for me to hang up the horns is drawing near……today I was apparently so anti-pump minded…..that I didn’t pack my bottles. Or any other receptacle in which to collect milk.


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Adventures in Pumping
09.11.2011, 01:05
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Okay… apparently I have a plugged duct. Yeah, it sucks as much as everyone says 😛

It doesn’t really surprise me….I started back to work last Thursday and have been pumping every day, twice a day….even been bringing home a little more every day but with not being able to just nurse on demand…..

After my first pumping break on Thursday, I noticed that even though I was able to get a good bit of milk from my right breast, it still felt a little tender when I was done….it didn’t get any better and when I woke up on Friday morning it was pretty painful. I fed BabyFrog, put her back to bed and pumped off the rest as I had been doing all week….but there was still a nice wedge that wouldn’t budge :-\

So, when I got to work……I improvised.
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Breastfeeding in the City

I go back to work on Thursday.

The day after tomorrow.

A while back, I bought this Breast Milk Storage Kit from Playtex which I love and works out beautifully with my awesome little Playtex breast pump. The plan was to use this kit with the pump to make for easy thawing and feeding while I’m in work…..we realized that it’s kind of impractical to expect to build up a stash as I go unless I keep buying these kits so that we have rings and lids for storage. Meh.

So, I said we’ll use up all the milk I have stored with this kit and fee up all the toppers so that I have extras to bring back and forth to work with me and just get regular old breast milk storage bags to keep the home supply.

Last night, I took Monkey over to Cross Country practice and thought since there’s a CVS right across the street, I’d just run in there grab a 25 count pack for now, until I set up my subscription with Amazon……also, used my last Earth Mama Angel Baby Milkmaid teabag so I figured CVS carries vitamins and all that junk, they’re bound to have some Traditional Medicinals tea………right?

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Wordless Wednesday – Baby's Hospital Bag :-)


The Back-to-Work Stash
07.02.2011, 11:32
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Last weekend, I wrote about building up my cloth diaper stash – something I am very happy to be putting much thought and effort into. Seriously! For the last week, though, I’ve been forced to think about another stash that…..well, not so much of a joy.

The Feeding Stash.

I have to work, there’s just no two ways about it. And assuming I deliver on my due date and everything goes well, I’ll have a little over 5 weeks from the time I bring the baby home until I have to be back in the lab. This is not up for discussion. I’m a working mother, we are not eligible for any kind of financial assistance – yah, I’ve checked – and, I may have said this before, but maternity leave in this state sucks.

But I digress….

When I first found out that I was pregnant with BBv1, the last thing I ever would have considered. I was 22 and, despite having tons of cousins that were having babies all my life, I had never been exposed to breastfeeding – the concept was just…….ew :-p But as my pregnancy went on, I started learning more about the benefits of breast milk and I thought that maybe I would pump and bottle feed both formula and breast milk. By the time I was ready to deliver, I just wanted to be all hippie-gung-ho and exclusively breast feed. After my hospital stay (that’s a whole other story), breastfeeding never happened and there was nothing to pump.

So, I determined very early on that I would succeed in breastfeeding this time, dammit!

But I also have to be practical about this. Even though I do only work two miles from home, they are two city miles – not two miles down a rural road – and regardless of which route I take, they are two mass transit miles……and there are days when it can take me more than 20 minutes to drive that two miles. So going home to breastfeed on demand is just not happening. DH will be with the baby while I am in work and therefore, bottles and their accessories are a necessity.

image Earlier this week, we went to the store and bought my breast pump. I consider it a gift from my co-workers as I used some of the money I got from them at the baby shower they hosted on Monday to make the purchase ;^) Bearing in mind the lack of success I had with nursing and pumping the first time around, I felt $300 could best be spent on other things we need than on a pump that I might wind up having to unload on an internet barter site or something…..and pumping is the secondary goal anyway. So we bought the Playtex Nursing Necessities Electric Breast Pump to start out with. Once we get established, something a little more powerful may be in order (I just had a vision of Tim Allen grunting “more power” and hooking a shop-vac up to my little Playtex pump…….yikes!) but we’re going to start off with this.

image That same day, as luck would have it, there were several bottles marked down on the clearance rack. I give DH full credit for finding these interesting little things because I know I would have walked right past them. Three packs of bottles to go with the MilkBank Vacuum Storage System – seven 2.5oz. feeding/storage jars – along with caps and lids – and two bottle insulators. I don’t have the vacuum to go with them yet but I’m going to order one, as well as a couple of the 4oz. bottles just because I think it’s a neat idea and could be great for pumping at work.

Last night, I was back at Babies”R”Us because there is a sale on for the next few weeks – BOGO40%off all 2 and 3 packs of bottles and BOGO40%off all bottle accessories. As the MilkBank bottles and a few standards are the only bottles I had so far, this could not have been more perfect timing! We never had a single complaint with using the Playtex disposables with BBv1 and the drop in liners started hitting the scene right about that time – how awesome was that?!? So I knew I wanted to grab some of those and wound up getting a pack of 4oz. nursers as well as some liners to go with them. A few months ago, I read about the super specially designed nipples on the Breastflow bottles and had kicked around the idea of trying them out…..but the disposable liners and the storage system to go with the pump…..just so easy. A few weeks ago however, I discovered that there are now Breastflow disposables and decided that it was just meant for me to try them and what better way to try them than to get them at almost half price? So I got a three pack of the 9oz. bottles to try out and they came with a few samples of the Ziploc drop-in liners… first glance, I don’t see any difference between the Ziploc and the Playtex but I guess we won’t really know until we try to use them interchangeably.

Accessory-wise, I came home last night with a Sassy No Scratch Bottle Brush – in pink, no less!! – a microwave sterilizer and a “night and day” bottle cooler/warmer. The cooler/warmer actually fits quite nicely on either of our bed tables…..but….I’m not sure to what extent it’ll be used in there. Again, pumping and bottle feeding breast milk are the secondary goal…… I’m thinking – hoping! – for nighttime feedings, this won’t be necessary.

Anyway, I think I’m ready now……and here it is – my “Back-to-Work Stash” :^)



What d’ya think? What did all you working moms have to make sure you had ready to go before returning to work?

Edit: 7.2.11, 3:34p.m.

Okay, thought I was done….but I ❤ BJ’s! 4 more bottles and 200 liners for $11!! 🙂