Well, blogging the Flats and Handwashing Challenge kind of got away from me so I figured I should write something up so there was a little bit of closure to the whole thing………

First of all, I did actually finish the challenge and it was rough sometimes…..not the whole fact of folding and handwashing so much as just the diapering. Amelia has been battling some weird respiratory thing for way longer than I would like and at the beginning of the challenge – ya know, like Day One – she started taking an antibiotic. You know how antibiotics can be so I really expected a lot of tummy trouble and a lot of muddy diapers but that actually turned out to not be the case…..but because she wasn’t really interested in eating much, there were a ton of wet diapers all through the day and night…..on more than one occasion, at 2:30 in the morning I wanted to just throw in the towel (or flat!) and put a disposable on Amelia just so I could be done with it and go back to sleep.

I knew that feeling would pop up, though….I usually keep a short stack of disposables under my night table and for the challenge I deliberately made sure all the disposable diapers were out in the den, on the changing table… in the middle of the night, if I wanted to use a disposable diaper I would have had to walk aaaaalllllllll the way to the other end of our apartment to get it. I sure would have been wide awake by the time I got back.

So instead of the disposables under my night table, I kept a stack of the receiving blankets I was using as flats for nighttime already folded and ready to just pop into the cover.

If you’ve read my first entry about the challenge, you may remember that I was concerned – and even started the challenge a day early – because Amelia was getting baptized on the last day of the challenge. Again, something I needn’t have worried about…..I used the white Thirsties cover that I actually bought for the express purpose of using on Amelia’s Christening day because no one makes plain white disposable diapers anymore…..I figured if she wound up with a dress that didn’t have a pair of bloomers, I could just use the white Thirsties cover over a disposable. But I didn’t even bother. We’d had such a good week using the flats and I came to understand the awesome power of the birdseye weave when it came to containment that I didn’t even bat an eye when we put on her beautiful dress :^)

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02.02.2005, 21:42
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Now for the important stuff 🙂
Brittany is going to be on TV tomorrow – whoo-hoo!!! Her school is having a pep rally to get ready for the big game and Channel 3 is coming out to film them….I think I’m more excited than she is – I think this is too cool 😀
I doubt that it will be on the 12 o’clock news but my parents are gonna tape it for me anyway…..just in case…..
Gonna go get her Eagles stuff laid out now 😉

Children’s Books
01.11.2005, 21:10
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I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but even if I did, I’m going to again….
I usually don’t go for those “book of the month”, “CD of the month”, “toilet paper of the month” clubs……really, I think they are a pain. Well, I changed my mind about one of them.
I happened across it and signed Brittany up for the Children’s Book of the Month Club and I love it. It had the usual pick 5 books and just pay the shipping that you get with alot of these things…..but I figured, they are full-sized, hardback books and many of them I had been wanting to get for Brittany anyway….the shipping fee was $17 and some change and I thought that was pretty good so I did it.
That was in August.
Since then, I have ordered books from them and gotten a couple of the monthly selections and I could really not be happier with all of them. The books are so beautiful and Have all become part of the regular rotation around here.,,,,a couple of my favorites that we’ve gotten from them are Stellaluna and the Parts books – so far, we have Parts and More Parts. I’m going to be ordering Even More Parts very soon….these books are too funny 🙂
But the whole thing is just so easy….they send out the things in the mail for you to tell them you don’t want the selection or order other things but I am so happy that they let you do it on the website, too. And it’s not a huge deal, either….you sign in, click on selections and say yes or no. Since I’m goofy and never remember to send back the notices when I don’t want something this is a great thing for me.
I love it….if you have little ones around, look into it – it’s worth it 😉

Gone fishin’…
01.06.2005, 09:32
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I’m off from work again today – whoo-hoo!
Brittany’s class is going to see Finding Nemo on Ice and I took the day off to go with them. It’s not often that I get to go on the trips with them, but I wasn’t about to miss this one. She loves the movie and I just know she’s going to get a huge kick out of this show 🙂
So, even though it means dealing with 12 excited 4-year-old kids (and one of them is the most obnoxious child I’ve ever met in my life), I’m going. Got my camera all set, got out lunches all packed and some extra caffiene in my coffee – I heart Wawa’s Mocha Alert 🙂 – and I think I’m ready to go…..

Just like her mother….
12.14.2004, 22:36
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On the way home tonight, I stopped off at the pet store to get some crickets and pinkie mice for Reggie, our leopard gecko.
When we got back here, I helped Brittany with her homework and then started getting her ready for bed. While she was in the bathroom, I put the crickets in the critter keeper with some new cricket food – yes, I know it’s cruel to feed them only to put them to death tomorrow, but that’s the way it goes – and grabbed the bag with the pinkies.
I had gotten three of them and was just about to hand him the last one when Brittany walked into the room. I put my hand holding the little squirmy mouse back in the bag.
“What are you doing, mama?”
“I’m feeding Reggie.”
“Can I see?”
By now, she’s used to me giving him the crickets. I usually just dump a few in his tank and he goes skittering after them….she gets a kick out of watching him dive for them. But the mice, I tend to give him when she’s not around or not paying attention. She caught me this time though….
I said “I don’t think so, Britt….these are little mice. Why don’t you go pick out a book?”
“A little tiny baby mouse? I want to see!” I showed her the mouse and suggested once again she go get something for us to read. “I want to see what Reggie does with him.” I told her Reggie was going to eat him. She said “Cool….can I sit on your lap?”
She climbed up on my lap and I held the mouse out for Reggie…..he let him dangle there for a minute all the while Brittany is sitting on my lap like “The little mouse is saying ‘No, Mr. Gecko! Please don’t eat me!'” Reggie snatched the mouse, Brittany let out a shriek of laughter and watched as he flipped his head back with little mousy legs hanging out the corner of his mouth.
Then she got quiet and asked “Is Reggie squeaking?”
“No, Brittany….that’s the mouse.”
“The mouse is squeaking inside Reggie’s body?!? That is so cool, mama!!”
Then she gave me a kiss and climbed into bed with “Goodnight, mama – I love you!”
I’m glad she’s not a squeamish kid but damn………gonna be just like her mother.

12.12.2004, 14:59
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Dude….I hate the smell of play-doh.
While I’m going through some of Brittany’s things, she’s playing….with play-doh. I just came in here to take a break and get away from the smell for a few minutes. So she follows me in here and climbs up on my lap to watch what I’m doing…..
Brittany smells like play-doh. I believe she knows this and is just in here smelling like play-doh to bug me.
Nobody believes that she’s evil all wrapped up in a cute package.

11.15.2004, 22:24
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Brittany had her physical for the year today….and, as usual, had the doctor cracking up 🙂 Here’s the poor doctor trying to ask Brittany questions to get an idea of how she’s progressing with school and development and all that other crap and here’s Brittany, rambling on and on and aswering the questions before the doctor even asked them… should have seen the doctor going down the check list trying to keep up with her – lol 🙂
The doctor asked her to draw a circle….she did. And added “Look, I can make a smiley face from it!” The doctor asked her to draw a square….she did. And added “Look, I can make that into a window!” The doctor asked her to draw a rectangle and before she got the request out of her mouth heard “Okay, look, I can make that into a door!”
She asked Brittany to write her name…..and got her first, middle and last…..and “Mama”, “Meema”, “Peepa”, “Craig” (my nephew), “blue”, “red”, “black”, “orange”, “green” and half of “yellow” before she ran out of room on the page……
Brittany is now 46 inches tall and 46 pounds……her hearing is excellent but they aren’t happy with her vision…’s only about 20/40. No surprise to me there, even with my contacts, the best I can hope for is 20/40……I fully expect Brittany to have vision issues, no biggie.
She got 4 shots this time…..because she’s 4….or so I’ve been told. By Brittany, of course. And didn’t cry at all……in fact, she sort of giggled. They did two in each arm… nurse on each side, injecting her simultaneously….and she gave a sort of nervous giggle (through her teeth) about the whole thing. Of course, they said they would much rather have a nervous giggler than a screamer…..yeah, me too 🙂
They were all boosters, really…..MMR, Polio, Tetanus…..she was actually only due for the MMR vax, but they decided to give her the rest so that when she needs her forms filled out for Kindergarten, I can just bring in the papers and don’t have to worry about getting her an appointment…..since I’m in November, here, the insurance won’t cover her going in before the school year starts….has to be a full year. Hey, they suggested it, I would have just paid for the visit when I needed to……
Anyway, she got a flu shot, too. They weren’t going to give it to her but then they remembered that she’s in school full time.
So she’s all caught up on shots and doing extremely well developmentally.
I’m happy 🙂