What Do I Know?!?
05.22.2012, 02:44
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Forgot how maddening it can be to deal with pediatricians…..I took Amelia in on May 7th because she’d had a cold for about a week and then suddenly spiked a fever….got the old “It’s just a very bad cold.”  To which I say, “Okay, but with that fever I think she might have a sinus infection.”  “Nope, just a cold.  Motrin for the fever when she needs it.”  Okay.

Last week, the “cold” moved into her eyes. Back to the doctor.  “Oh, yeah…she’s got pink eye.”  “Okay, do you think she has a sinus infection?  Because I think she has a sinus infection.”  “No, just pink eye….and her ears are fine.”  Um…..okay.

Now her eyes are cleared up again but her temp’s still hovering around 100.9-101.1.  And I have an upper respiratory infection and laryngitis.  I call the pediatrician again and say that I want an antibiotic TODAY and run through all of her symptoms from the past three weeks AGAIN…did I mention I have laryngitis?  The doctor calls me back and says “Well, I think it sounds like Amelia may have a sinus infection.”

That’s the part where my head exploded.

Imagine….if they had 3 weeks ago said “Hmm, yes it may be a sinus infection.”  Amelia gets an antibiotic right away….no pink eye for her and I wouldn’t sound like that penguin from Toy Story…….

::walks away muttering to herself about no one ever listening::


My Twisted Teas :^)

Now….I’m not a person that needs caffeine. I like coffee. I looooooooove tea. But, neither gets me going for the day like they seem to do other people. When I worked in Center City, I used to stop at Starbucks every morning for a quad caramel macchiato – that’s 4 shots of espresso – and I’d be baseline. I no longer work in town, though, so a cup of Wawa joe was good enough for breakfast until it started tasting like death back in October.

When I got pregnant….first, I should have known right off that I was pregnant way earlier than any pregnancy test could have told me because I could not find a happy cup of coffee anywhere – Wawa, 7-11, Dunkin’ Donuts….they all tasted completely awful! Even at home, and DH can brew some coffee ;^) So, I started drinking my most favorite tea in the entire world, Stash Premium Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea – love it!! But I usually only drink tea at night so… was a little weird at first.
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