On the Veranda…..
06.08.2012, 07:03
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Curse you, Starbucks Veranda Blend!!!  (P.S. – are you available in a k-cup? 😉



02.05.2005, 00:41
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I just got a huge amount of gmail invites…..if you want one, leave a comment with your real e-mail address and I’ll send you one 🙂

01.29.2005, 08:23
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Ever wake up and just lie there….trying to decide if you really have to pee badly enough to justify getting out of bed just yet?
Ever have the phone ring at the exact second you decide to roll over and go back to sleep for fifteen minutes?
C’mon, now…..does anyone really need vinyl siding from Sears at 8:15 on a goddamn Saturday morning?!?

01.25.2005, 19:58
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Did you ever notice that when you have “one of those days” a song comes on that pretty much just sums up the whole thing? Every time I have ever heard this song….it was one of those days.

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Done :-)
01.17.2005, 19:33
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It’s done 🙂

I am so happy with this scarf…..all together it took me a little more than an hour and a half to finish – how cool is that?! I worked on it for about 45 minutes Saturday night, another 45 minutes yesterday and this morning I put the fringes on it. The scarf itself is about 5.5′ long and with the fringes, it comes out to around 6.5′ – I love it!
Now my mom wants me to make one for her, Brittany wants one and I’ll prolly make a little one for my cousin’s kid, Gabriella, who’s gonna be 2 next week…..I have some pink baby yarn and white fuzzy yarn that have been sitting around since I made a baby blanket for Gabriella before she was born….I don’t really have much use for pink and white, even Brittany prefers blues and purples.
So, if you have the means, buy stock in Lion Brand, I’m gonna be busy for a while 😉

What the hell…?
01.17.2005, 10:55
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Ever wonder how you lost a long weekend?
No, I’m not counting Friday because that was pretty much a regular working day, but really……I’m off today for the holiday and for the life of me, I can’t remember what happened to the last two days. I mean, I know we did things, I know we had a pretty good time……but….damn.
Some two day weekends seems to drag on forever.
Ah well….at least it’s a short week.

01.16.2005, 10:02
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Okay…..I was out at A.C. Moore earlier this week and almost laughed out loud at this huge pair of needles on the shelf. I got what I went in for – a new pair of DPNs and some yarn to start making some leg warmers for Brittany – and left.
My mom wanted to go over there yesterday to pick up a few things for the kids to do while we were hangning around the house considering it was pretty frickin’ cold yesterday and will be even moreso today.
Shaking my head at myself – what would one actually do with needles this size? – I picked up these huge needles and looked at the back of the package. There was a pattern for a “One Hour Scarf”.
Yeah, I could see that….on these needles, 10 stitches would take no time at all to make a reasonable scarf. I, however, am unreasonable. I’m 5’9″ and I want a really long scarf…..yes, another one.
I got the needles. The pattern said I’d need one skein of some chunky yarn and some fun fur or whatever and I’d be knitting them together. So I grabbed the chunky stuff, the fun fur and, just for good measure, some funfetti. And when I got home tonight, I started on my new scarf.
After about a half hour of knitting, I started getting bored with what was on TV in the background and decided to put it away for the night…..then I noticed that I had underestimated the amount of funfetti. While I still have plenty of the fun fur and chunky yarn left, I’m out of the cool speckled stuff and have to go get another one tomorrow.
Yes, another one…..because I am more than half done my spiffy new scarf and I am really happy with it…..

So, why am I telling you all this?
It went so fast using this huge set of needles that I would love to be able to do a couple more projects with them. I’m thinking ponchos and scarves are best with these, but I would love some suggestions.
Anyone know of any patterns floating around in cyberspace that call for size 35 needles?