Well, blogging the Flats and Handwashing Challenge kind of got away from me so I figured I should write something up so there was a little bit of closure to the whole thing………

First of all, I did actually finish the challenge and it was rough sometimes…..not the whole fact of folding and handwashing so much as just the diapering. Amelia has been battling some weird respiratory thing for way longer than I would like and at the beginning of the challenge – ya know, like Day One – she started taking an antibiotic. You know how antibiotics can be so I really expected a lot of tummy trouble and a lot of muddy diapers but that actually turned out to not be the case…..but because she wasn’t really interested in eating much, there were a ton of wet diapers all through the day and night…..on more than one occasion, at 2:30 in the morning I wanted to just throw in the towel (or flat!) and put a disposable on Amelia just so I could be done with it and go back to sleep.

I knew that feeling would pop up, though….I usually keep a short stack of disposables under my night table and for the challenge I deliberately made sure all the disposable diapers were out in the den, on the changing table… in the middle of the night, if I wanted to use a disposable diaper I would have had to walk aaaaalllllllll the way to the other end of our apartment to get it. I sure would have been wide awake by the time I got back.

So instead of the disposables under my night table, I kept a stack of the receiving blankets I was using as flats for nighttime already folded and ready to just pop into the cover.

If you’ve read my first entry about the challenge, you may remember that I was concerned – and even started the challenge a day early – because Amelia was getting baptized on the last day of the challenge. Again, something I needn’t have worried about…..I used the white Thirsties cover that I actually bought for the express purpose of using on Amelia’s Christening day because no one makes plain white disposable diapers anymore…..I figured if she wound up with a dress that didn’t have a pair of bloomers, I could just use the white Thirsties cover over a disposable. But I didn’t even bother. We’d had such a good week using the flats and I came to understand the awesome power of the birdseye weave when it came to containment that I didn’t even bat an eye when we put on her beautiful dress :^)

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02.23.2010, 18:50
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….sometimes, it’s the little things 🙂

My dad called me around lunch today with the bestest news – they found my iPod!! I’ve been without my iPod since we moved….so seriously, the last time I used it was November 28th, 2009….I was seriously just saying to my dad on SUNDAY that I was convinced the thing was gone a was thinking of buying a new one…..and I actually felt really bad telling him that because he bought the iPod for me…..4 years ago! I’m just sick of using Brittany’s because there’s no display on it :-p

Anyway, I thought I remembered it being on my computer desk, which was *the* last thing I packed up at the old place which would mean it wound up in the box of computer desk junk…..which I went through no fewer than four time, including spilling the whole thing out all over the floor…..twice.

Then I thought that maybe I left it in the pocket of the scrub top I last wore to work…..I didn’t remember which one that would have been so we went through every bit of clothes that we had brought with us and went over to storage to go through the bags of “yeah, we’ll get around to bringing them over” clothes and still couldn’t find it. I thought it was gone forever….every time I would open a new box I hadn’t been through yet, I got all excited thinking “Maybe I put it in here…..for some strange a** reason…..” But no…..

Yesterday, on the way to pick up Brittany, I stopped at the storage unit because I want to start getting all of the “I just need to get this out of the way for right now…” stuff out of there so we can get back to the smaller unit…..I brought back all of our board games – which I’ve really been missing, too! – a bunch of books and two small laundry bags of clothes. I asked my mom if she would mind terribly washing one bag for me and left it at their house…….today, Dad called…..

Dad: Guess what?
Me: What?
Dad: We found your iPod.
Me: Nuh-uh!!! Where?!?

(cuz I’m dumb and forgot about the bag of clothes)

Dad: In that bag of laundry you left here….Mommy said it was in a scrub top along with a bunch of money. So she set it aside and we’re gonna go out to lunch, okay?


Yeah, sure – Bugaboo Creek on me!! I got my 4 year old, 2 gig iPod back – I’m happy as a clam!!!

….and yes, it’s full of Queen and sitting on my Queen mouse pad…’s an addiction I’ve been dealing with for 30 years, you’ll all get used to it eventually…..

The Transition
02.13.2010, 21:47
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There it is.

Both of these pics were taken in the same room, in front of the same mirror with the cameras set on their absolute basic auto settings and no post-processing except to “collage” them….I am officially in awe of my new camera 🙂

But I have to say that my Pentax was the single best camera I’ve ever owned and better than anything I’ve been able to find in years….which is why I’ve had it for so very long….it was a Christmas gift…in 2003.

I am not getting rid of the Pentax. I fully intend to keep it around to use when I don’t want to eff up the new one or am afraid of getting mugged or something…..but the fact of the matter is that it is dying, slowly. The battery will not stay charged anymore. I bought a new charger and two new batteries, cleaned all the contacts and all….but can’t get more than 30-45 minutes of run time out of any of them. It makes me sad 😦

But, this new camera is tha bomb-diggity and I can’t wait to play with all the features!! Yes, I bought a book….and boy am I glad I did, the one that cam with it is crap!!

Meeting a new friend :-)
02.06.2010, 15:44
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I was down at the door taking pics of Brittany playing in the 26+ inches of snow we have in the courtyard…..and just as I turned to go back up to the apartment, I caught a little figure making her way towards Brittany.

She lives in the building next to ours and the two of them have been playing together for about 4 hours now….they can get back and forth between the buildings through our laundry room and have *been* back and forth since about 12:30 – lol 🙂

I’m so happy! We didn’t know there were kids in any of these buildings so this could be pretty cool for Brittany 🙂

I fully acknowledge that I haven’t been keeping up on writing as much as I had been….but I started to feel like I was just popping things on here just for the sake of doing so….and that’s not what I want to do. So I took a few days off to see if I could collect some real thoughts…..

Nothing’s coming yet…..


“I must not tell lies.”
01.28.2010, 22:05
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Yeah, remember in Harry Potter….when that vile woman had Harry writing lines….? It’s kind of that feeling…..

Is this the beginning of the breakdown?
01.27.2010, 23:45
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Loooong Hot Showers Rock!
01.26.2010, 22:27
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I love that we have a seemingly endless supply of hot water at this new place. There is a giant hot water heater in the basement that just seems to never run out of hot, hot water. It can be a little tricky depending on the time of day, but never inconvenient….and anything is an improvement from the 20 gallon hot water heater that was stashed in Brittany’s closet at the old place!