The Morning Nap…..
02.12.2012, 16:18
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……….just in time for me to wake her up so we can go to Mass :-/


Dihydrogen Monoxide
02.12.2012, 00:56
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Our cafeteria in work used to have nice 32oz foam cups for the cold beverage of your choice. Nearly every Monday since I started working there over three years ago, I’d go down there and get my 32oz cup of ice water. I’d refill it periodically throughout the rest of the day, rinse it out and then use that same cup for the rest of the week to get ice water in the morning and refills from the water fountain the rest of the day.

About two months ago, they stopped offering the 32oz cup. Now the largest size is a 20oz.

Color me annoyed 😦

If I thought about it, I picked up a big cup from Wawa but I usually don’t think like that when I’m not in work…..and when I am in work, I just curse at myself for not having thought about it when I was at Wawa. Anyway……I stopped at 7-11 the other day on my way back to work after feeding Amelia for the express purpose of getting a Big Gulp cup. That’s when I found this beauty 🙂

Of course, I couldn’t bring myself to actually fill the damn thing with soda…..but I couldn’t buy it empty, either. So here is my gi-huge-ic cup filled to the very brim with ice and barely a glisten of lemon-lime Gatorade – lol!!!

The important thing is…..I know have an acceptable giant water cup again 😉

Dear Baby Toy Companies:
02.11.2012, 22:41
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Have you ever noticed that they never want the big, bulky toy phones? Just sayin’……

It’s coming along…..
02.11.2012, 22:05
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……I’m still working on importing things, here…..I’m missing the last…..what…..4 months….?  I’ll get to it soon enough ;^)

My Flying Monkey
09.18.2011, 19:53
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As soon as my Monkey was able to join the school swim team in 2nd grade, we were there.  She had a great year and looked forward to that extra bit of activity and fun in the water even though the summer had ended and the next year she couldn’t wait to do it all again.

During the summer between 3rd and 4th grades, we noticed a little post in the corner of our church bulletin notifying parents and children in our parish that there would be a regional cross country team starting at the end of the summer.  Monkey was sort of interested but TV and video games had started to sink their teeth in….the main reason I was very interested – lol!

So on a sweltering Saturday morning in early August, I took my not-yet-4th-grader to a local track to check it out.  She was less than impressed and after her first real run around the track, she’d had enough.  I thought she did great considering she had never run like that before, but she made a beeline for the car and I said goodbye to the coaches with a “Well, maybe we’ll see you again….” but not really expecting to.

The first real practice was scheduled for Tuesday evening, but I just decided to let it go.  I figured if I kept pushing it, she’d go and hate it and it’d be all my fault and swimming would surely follow suit.  I was more than a little surprised when I noticed Monkey lacing up her sneakers on that Tuesday night and rolling her eyes at me when I asked where she was going – “Don’t I have cross country practice tonight, Mom?”  Of course you do!!

For the first month of practice, Monkey told all three of the coaches that she was only going to do this for a week…a month…..until school starts…….then “Maybe I’ll see what it’s like to run in a meet….”

She ran her first 3K meet in just over 25 minutes.

At the end of the season last year – her second year as a Novice – she ran that same 3K course in just under 16 minutes 🙂

Today, we officially started a new season – her 3rd year running .  Monkey is a Minor now and, though she still runs 3K, it is a much more difficult course that includes a crazy-steep hill.  To be perfectly honest, I didn’t expect to see her anywhere near the finish line until at least the 23 minute mark.

She finished at 19:51.


My amazing, flying Monkey 🙂

How do your kids amaze you?

Wordless Wednesday – Two Month Check-up!
09.14.2011, 19:54
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Two month check-up today!! 24.25 inches and 10.75 pounds!!! (That's up more than 4 pounds and 4 inches from birth 😉

Two Months Old!
09.12.2011, 18:49
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Awww, Mama I blinked - take it again....

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